Organic lipstick, what’s your favourite colour?

At Shop Naturally, we’ve had great success with our first organic makeup range from Inika, so now we’re expanding. After roadtesting new several new brands, the winner is Zuii Organic. We had a strict criteria.

  1. Australian Made
  2. Fully mineral makeup or organic ingredients only
  3. None of the typical nasty ingredients found in mainstream cosmetics
  4. Great quality
  5. Great price
  6. Great colours

So here we have it.  Zuii Organic is the new addition to our mineral makeup range, but we need some help choosing which products to add. With 18 shades of organic lipstick on offer, we need your help choosing favourite colours. We have chosen 5 classic & subtle colours so far. Cashmere, Classic Red, Nude, Pink Flesh & Primrose. What’s your favourite shade? Let us know on Facebook or drop us a line.