DIY Body Scrub – Peta Serras Style!

DIY Body Scrub

Say hello to my gorgeous and crazy-arsed friend Peta Serras. As you’ll know, we don’t have a long line up of body scrubs in our store. And here’s why:-

  1. We love the Bodecare dry body brush (buy it once)
  2. We love the Eco Tan Exfoliant Glove (buy it once)
  3. It’s uber simple to make your own

Peta is a pilates instructor, a Health Coach (like me) and the creator of the Pilates DVD ‘Pilates Stretching Series’. Peta & I are kindred spirits, we love total & brutally honest blogging, sharing ups & downs and baring all to make our audience feel less lonely and reminding everyone that life isn’t picture perfect. We’re also both known to say ‘fuck’ once in a while!

This evening, Peta put these photos up on Facebook showing the application of an all over body scrub that she made at home. Who needs to pay $30 for a tube of something, not us! The ingredients are simply coconut sugar, ground coffee, vanilla, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, Epsom salts & Himalayan salt. Easy peasy. If you’re too lazy to do that, I recommend eitehr option 1 or 2 above (I alternate between both).

Check our health food section for most of the ingredients.