FAQ – I need my coconut oil in liquid form

Loving Earth Coconut Butter

Today we received an email enquiry about having coconut oil in liquid form. It’s a fairly common question, so we thought we’d pop the question up here and a more in depth answer for anyone who has the question in future.

“Greetings online shop type people, New to coconut oil, and regarding this particular product below, is it liquid oil or a pastebutter? For i will be using coconut oil for ‘oil pulling’ detoxing, so the oil has to be in liquid form. I only ask because in my research thus far, they are all called ‘oil’, even when they are not in liquid form, and only some times they add the specification of ‘butter’ or ‘paste’ And because i will only be using one teaspoon a day, i require the oil to be in a resealable glass bottlejar. Cheers.”

In its purest form, which is raw & organic and bottled within an hour or two of the coconut being cracked open, virgin coconut oil (which is all we sell) will change state depending on the temperature. At around 24°C, virgin organic coconut oil will soften and turn in to liquid. The higher the melting point, the better quality the oil is.The coconut oil will be very firm & solid at low temperatures. As it approaches the 24°C mark, it softens and has the consistency of butter, and then above that, it melts.

For oil pulling, simply take a spoonful and start swishing it around in your mouth. It takes very little time for the oil to turn in to liquid. Likewise, if you keep a jar in your bathroom for a natural & organic hair treatment or body moisturiser, simply rubbing the coconut oil in your hands for a few moments will melt it right in the palm of your hands. It can also form the part of any organic skin care regime by being used as a cleanser and eye make up remover or rubbing it on your body in the shower.  Match it up with the Eco TanExfoliant Glove and it makes an awesome body wash / scrub.

At Shop Naturally, we taste tested dozens of brands, many of which we found to be smokey in flavour and as such, did not find them suitable for our store. We have picked the cream of the crop and each has a distinct flavour or use. The mildest tasting coconut oil, which we recommend for oil pulling, would be the Coconut Magic or the Loving Earth (pictured), but any brand we sell will work just fine.

Oil Pulling is an Ayurvedic medicine principle which can be simply explained by swishing some oil around in your mouth for around 20 minutes and then spitting it out. There is a wealth of information on the internet on how to do it, we’ll write a more in depth article ourselves at some stage. Simply Google ‘OIL PULLING’ to learn more. The most important thing is NOT TO SWALLOW THE OIL when you’re done.