Get your tanned legs the safe way with Eco Tan

Ladies, get your ‘tan’ on the safe way with Eco Tan. Not all fake tans are full of toxic chemicals. This organic fake tan is actually certified organic and it’s one of the most popular products in our organic skin care range.

Eco Tan back in stock at Shop Naturally

  • ECO TAN INVISIBLE SKIN gives you visible change in just 8 hours. It won’t stain your linen and it’s suitable for the body & the face.  One application is all you need to get your ‘tan’ on.
  • ECO TAN WINTER SKIN is a moisturiser with a ‘tan’ kick. Use it to build up a gradual tan over several days or maintain one you already have. You’ll get a beautifully gentle honey tan in just a few days.
  • ECO TAN EXFOLIATING GLOVE is an extreme yet gentle glove. It it’s advisable to give your body a good exfoliate before applying your new safe fake tan. If you own this glove, you can forget about wasting money on body exfoliants from now on, you simply don’t need them.
  • ECO TAN SAMPLE pots are available from our store too. We make our own sample pots so you can try and patch test before buying the full size. Please note, the amount in the sample pot is for patch testing and will not be enough to do your whole body. Maximum of one sample of each product per person. When you come back to buy the full size, be sure to take advantage of our DOUBLE CASH BACK OFFER so you end up getting your sample for free!
  • ECO TAN GIFT PACKS are available in store too.  Buy “Invisible Tan + Exfoliating Glove” or the “Winter Skin + Exfoliating Glove” combo in a gift box and we put in a sample pot of Coconut Magic Coconut Oil as our gift to you. EXCLUSIVE TO SHOP NATURALLY. What can you do with the jar of coconut oil? It makes great makeup or eye makeup remover, you can eat it, moisturise your legs, use it as a hair mask or rub it in to your exfoliating mitt to exfoliate and moisturise in one swoop! Larger jars of coconut oil are available from our health food section.