New Clif Blocks arrive in store

Clif Bar, Clif Shot & Clif Block all available from Shop Naturally

New to the health food section of the store this week are the Clif Shot Bloks (pictured right).

Designed specifically for sports nutrition, these bloks are a chewable cube to replace carbs & electrolyes during vigorous activity, whether it be cycling, running or any endurance sport. They can also be used as a general pick-me-up if you’re having a busy day. Three of the flavours have a shot of caffeine in them, which is great for a short term energy boost, but we don’t recommend you rely on caffeine as a constant energy source every day.

In Australia, they are available in 5 flavours:-

  • Black Cherry (with 50mg caffeine)
  • Mountain Berry
  • Orange (with 25mg caffeine)
  • Strawberry
  • Tropical Punch (with 25mg caffeine)