BACK IN STOCK : Loving Earth Coconut Oil

For some months now, the Loving Earth Coconut Butter, which normally comes in an amber glass jar at 450ml has been coming in a 500ml clear glass jar (for the same price). We’re pleased to announce that the product is coming in the amber glass jar again, but with a new name, Loving Earth Coconut Oil.

The amber glass jars are a very thick & sturdy glass and come with an easy to screw on/off wide mouth top with a deep thread. These jars are ideal to re-use in your pantry or fridge as they keep the light out.

This coconut oil is exactly the same product as it was before with the coconut butter name. It has always been a virgin coconut oil, but due to the extra creamy texture, it was named as a butter. We suspect the name change is due to the new Loving Earth Coconut Paste just released to the market.