The Shop Naturally Nature & Health Feb / Mar 14 shopping guide

It’s been a while since we’ve done a run down of the great products & information available in one of our favourite Aussie Health magazines, Nature & Health. So here it is, a bit of shopping & some great stories too.

PAGE 11 – Gentoo Plus water filter jugs
These are are great entry level alkaline water filter. The jug is 1.5 litre in size, including the top capture tank. The filter has a 3 month life and they remove chlorine and up to 98% of flouride from your water while increasing the pH level to around 8.0 to 8.5 to create alkaline water. Looking for a benchtop water filter?

Page 13 – Black + Blum Eau Good Water Filter Bottle
A unique product from Black + Blum. This 800ml water bottle is made from BPA Free plastic with a charcoal stick filter.

Page 15 – Toss berries in to your water bottle
I do this all the time. Did you know that sipping lemon water all day can corrode the enamel on your teeth? While drinking a glass of lemon water 20-30 minutes before a meal is great for aiding digestion, sipping all day isn’t so great for your teeth. Try popping in some berries instead. I find the combo of raspberries & blueberries delicious and you can eat them  when you’re done drinking!

Page 18 – Be a dehydrating diva!
We love the idea of this. Dehydrated figs with raw honey sound divine. We also love them drizzled with Loving Earth Coconut Butter. If you don’t own a food dehydrator, you can grab the Sedona Dehydrator from us.

Page 25 – Super Greens
We don’t stock this brand, but we’re madly in love with Shakti’s Superfood Blend. It’s a special mix of 8 ingredients and I have noticed remarkable improvement in the reduction of itchy skin and hayfever allergies since taking the superfood blend each day. Support a small Australian manufacturer when you buy this brand.

Page 38 – Berry Skin Care
Top of the line is the Mukti Age Defence Day, Night & Eye Serum. While they’re a high price point, the quality really is out of this world and it’s thanks to the amazing little Sea Buckthorn berry. The full range are available from our organic skin care department.

Page 40-41 Natural Beauty
Our official mention this month is for the great valued Everyday Shea Coconut Body Lotion, an amazing $19.95 for 950ml. Also on the page we have the Fresca Natural Deodorant and the Lavera Cleansing Gel (compare prices, we’re cheaper and with our 10% off Hair Face & Body when you spend $100, even more savings can be made).

Page 42 – Supplements for Women
Learn what the top 5 most important supplements for women are.

Page 44 – Good Oils
A blurb on olive oil, walnut oil, chia seed oil, flaxseed oil and coconut oil. Always choose oils that are unprocessed and check whether they start to turn rancid upon heating. Did you know that olive oil is great on salads, but once you cook with it, it starts to turn rancid? Try cooking with coconut oil instead.

Page 50 – Meditation for Pain
If you suffer from Fibromyalgia, Arthritis or any other type of pain, adding meditation to your day could provide you with some relief.

Page 58 – 21 Ways To Get The Sleep  You Need
Without sleep,  your body can’t heal. Without sleep your mind can’t rest. There’s some great tips on learning how to get a better nights sleep.

Page 78 – Hormonal Harmony
Whether you’re in menopause, perimenopause or just doing some research, this article provides some great insight.  For anyone who’s younger and interested in fertility, checkout Nat Kringoudis’ Fertilise Yourself.

Page 90 – 5 tips for Bone Health
With 30% of Australians deficient in calcium, this article gives tips on how to increase the levels of calcium in the body. One great tip, if taking supplements, Calcium & Magnesium go well together, but should be taken away from Iron & Zinc, as they hinder the absorption of calcium (while magnesium helps it).

Page 94 – Natural Treatment for Candida
Some great tips for getting rid of candida without running to the chemist.

All of this and a whole lot more in this month’s issue. Grab your copy from your local newsagent.