Yummy Coconut Magic Raw Energy Food Bars arrive in store

Yummy Coconut Magic Raw Energy Food Bars arrive in store

We are excited to announce the arrival of the latest product from Coconut Magic. As we love their coconut oil so much, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on their new range of Raw Food Energy Bars.

These bars are new to the store and are moist and delicious. Made from Coconut Magic’s coconut oil and coconut nectar (the best on the market and we’d know as we’ve taste tested virtually all of them) these healthy snacks will be devoured and enjoyed by everyone!

Coconut Magic’s Raw Food Energy Bars are available in three different flavours: Cacao, Coconut and Raspberry. They are sweetened naturally with dates and coconut nectar and taste amazing, so they’re the perfect sweet snack for those who are trying to quit or cut down on their sugar intake. The Raspberry is the sweetest of all flavours and is perfect for a guilt free after dinner snack for those who need to satisfy a sweet tooth while still eating well.

Want to know more? Jump on our website and take a look.

Available singly or in boxes of 12 with a discount.



Pru Gibson

Pru Gibson

Pru is Shop Naturally's social media manager and resident foodie. She's a mother of twin girls, and is studying her Cert III in Personal Training.

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